A Graphic Designer based in San Diego.

Annie Szafranski

Annie Szafranski runs her design studio, Feels Design Studio, LLC, from San Diego, CA. The Studio is a room in her house where she works and continues to build her design library.

Annie Szafranski | Photo by Jeff Micklos


Feels Design Studio was a graphic design studio independently run by annie szafranski for 4 years. “The studio” was a room in her house where she worked and continued to build her library. she now just works under her own name as she pleases.



Annie Szafranski is a San Diego based graphic designer currently working as an in-house designer at Compass. Before Compass, she spent the last four years of her life working on a local level with small businesses on their design needs as Feels Design Studio and freelancing on-site for larger companies and agencies. Prior to freelancing, she worked as a designer for different startups in San Francisco (Eventbrite, Twitter, Wanelo), until she didn’t. She primarily focuses on brand identity and print design these days, where she works closely with type, layout, and all of the details in between.

When she’s not designing, she’s reading, digging for cheap used books, and kicking off Felt Books.

She’s taking a hiatus from new client work to focus on her full time job and areas of interests tangential to graphic design, but if you think she’d be a good fit for a project, send her an email: annie@feelsdesignstudio.com.


still life & emojis on insta personally @a.szaf



This website was designed by Annie Szafranski using (unfortunately) squarespace.com

The typeface used throughout is Priori Sans, and is occasionally paired with Priori Serif—both of which were designed by Jonathan Barnbrook for its 2003 release distributed by Emigre, and is currently running via Typekit