Feels Design Studio is a fancy name for the design services provided by annie szafranski.
“The studio” is a room in her house where she works and continues to build her design library.

Feels Design Studio | Annie Szafranski | San Diego

About Annie Szafranski


Annie Szafranski is a practicing graphic designer who started her career working at various startups around San Francisco (Eventbrite, Twitter, Wanelo). She began freelancing while working at her last design job until pursuing it full time under the name, Feels Design Studio. While freelancing, she’s gained experience managing projects from start to finish, working on a local level with small businesses, and freelancing for larger companies and agencies when needed.

She works with both print and web based material and likes it that way, as she finds the combination necessary and important to the process.If you’re looking to potentially work on a project together, don’t hesitate to reach out, she’s always looking for new work to take on (unless you’re looking for free work—byee) so she can pay her bills without having a panic attack.


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