Feels Design Studio is independently ran by Annie Szafranski from San Diego, CA.


• Branding
• Print design
• Web design
• Collage & Illustration

With particular interest in
• Book/ cover design
• Editorial lettering & Collage
• Editorial layouts (print+web)
• Type heavy content


More about Feels Design Studio

Annie Szafranski is a graphic designer who recently relocated to San Diego from San Francisco. After graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Visual Communication from San Francisco State, she had dreams of becoming a talented graphic designer at a studio or start up, and set out to do just that. Whilst working at various start ups over the years (Eventbrite, Twitter, and Wanelo), the amount of punk music she listened to began to increase exponentially, as did the number of shows she went to in order to keep her sanity in tact. She realized this change was exciting, yes, but also a direct result of her work environment, dissatisfaction and stagnation with the lack of diversity working as an in house designer, solving visual communication issues for a single company. She began to despise and question what she had originally set out to do, and began to feel her love of graphic design (and San Francisco) slipping away from her—as it was no longer what she wanted.

At her last start up job, she spent most of her time freelancing and reading more about design, typography, and print so she could feel something again, and happily realized her love was still there—she just needed more of it. She was fired for this lack of productivity for her last company, of course, but as she began to regain all feeling, she became more hopeful and aware of what she needed to do—for she was clearly was in the wrong place. Unable to grow in the right direction and see San Francisco in the same light, she moved back to San Diego and started her freelance graphic design business, Feels Design Studio, where she continues to fall back in love with graphic design on a daily basis.

Annie works closely with a diverse set of clients on the local level for now, focusing on establishing brand identities and the marketing materials within them, for small businesses, select start ups, and bands. She would love to work with you!



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