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Design Services

Graphic Design Services in San Diego offered by Feels Design Studio / Annie Szafranski.

Graphic Design Services

Feels Design Studio is now a part-time design studio.
A revised list of design services is below.


One-Off Projects

Such as: logo, print ephemera, zine, book cover, typesetting.
Includes: Two rounds of iterations and a final file.

Good for: Standalone projects. These one-off projects can be requested on an as needed basis.

Not good for: Potential clients who are slowly creepin’ into a rebrand territory, or continue to request project after project without letting me know the plan upfront—it’s bad for both of us. I will set up a special package if multiple projects are involved.

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Collage / Lettering Commissions

Includes: Custom lettering or editorial collage commission by the provided deadline.

Good for: Editorial work for forward thinking publications: print and/or online usage.
Not good for: People who like whimsical inspirational quotes or those interested in pinterest-y shabby chic aesthetics.

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