Graphic Design Services

Below is a general list of services offered, which will vary accordingly for the needs of the project and client.


Logo Design


• Logo design
• Logo Icon
• Mood board
• Color palette
• Typeface select(s)
• Final files

Good for: Larger events that need a distinct look, or businesses just starting out looking to start a design relationship together to build off the initial logo when ready. You see the value in working with a legitimate designer and dont want to take the logo and run with it yourself.

Not good for: The brand spanking new stages of a business with all of the uncertainty in business idea + budget. Ruminate on it more so we don’t waste time. Take a look at previous work to make sure we’re a good fit, and have an idea of what you’re looking to accomplish within your budget.

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Brand Identity


• Everything from Logo design +
• Brand guide
• Business cards
• Marketing postcard
• Website design
• Final files

Good for: Small businesses looking for a fresh look and feel that’s consistently carried throughout the brand. For your website…you’re thinkin’ Shopify, Squarespace, or Wordpress so you can take the reigns when it’s done—but retainer fees are available on request for routine upkeep.

Not good for: Businesses looking for a site built from the ground up to be maintained by a team.

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Website Design


• Domain setup / transfer
• Base theme select+setup
• Information architecture
• Content transfer/additions
• Brand identity carried throughout site
• Education on new process

Good for: Individuals looking for a personal website, and/or small to mid-sized businesses and shops looking to update their site to better reflect a new look & feel on Squarespace, Shopify, Wordpress, or another similarly trusted platform.

Not good for: Businesses looking for a completely customized look who want to control all of their data, as well as those who need a site built from the ground up that plan to hire a team of engineers & designers to maintain it.

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One-Off Print Projects

Such as:

• Event poster
• Marketing postcard
• Marketing brochure
• Tee Shirt design, etc.


• Final print ready file

Good for: Single use projects that aren’t necessarily tied to any brand. One-off print projects can be requested on an as needed basis, at any time.

Not good for: Potential clients who are slowly creepin’ into a rebrand territory, or or continue to request project after project without letting me know the plan upfront—it’s bad for both of us. I will set up a special package if multiple projects are involved.

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Collage / Lettering Commissions


• Custom lettering or editorial collage commission at the requested quantity and size, by the provided deadline.

Good for: Editorial work for forward thinking publications: print and/or online usage.
Not good for: People who like whimsical inspirational quotes or those interested in pinterest-y shabby chic aesthetics.

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Freelance Design for a Company 


• Any extra graphic design hands needed for a project.
• On-site visits or video calls

Good for: Modern and forward thinking companies that need extra work done to meet a pressing deadline, or those who need a reliable freelancer to work with frequently.

Companies I currently work with within this family include Evelane and Saatchi & Saatchi.


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