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2017 Wrap-up


I am one of those resolution types of people who does in fact look forward to a new year, but I think that most of us this time around want to see the majority of 2017 burn, hell, California already did. Through all the uncertainty that remains, I’ve been busy and happy, experiencing the rush of traveling and working while trying to manage everything on top of it so it doesn’t collapse again. I spent 2 weeks working on-site in Los Angeles, 1 week working on-site in San Francisco, and am currently about to start my 2nd of 3 weeks working back on-site again in Los Angeles before I briefly escape to the mountains to read, celebrate the birthday of a friend, and avoid the snow for a weekend until February comes. 

Since I’ve been so busy trying to set myself up again financially, which I am so thankful and appreciative of, I haven’t been able write any of the positives of this year down that helped me during the changing winds of the summer heat, so here are a few highlights: 

  1. Working w/Bluxom Salon, Native Poppy, Little Dame, Everlane, and Saatchi.

  2. Putting my RISO machines to use, but I’m hoping to sell one.

  3. Attending LA Art Book Fair again (+going to Printed Matter for the first time in Chelsea).

  4. Entering the first annual Honey & Wax Book Collecting Prize and having an email exchange with one of my idols who told me my essay was a standout, and getting mentioned their blog post on the ABAA about the collection entries and becoming more focused on what I add and don’t add to my baby collection. It was nice to just be so welcomed and encouraged opposed to the design community, which I feel has been actively shutting me out or rejecting me consistently, not that I was ever IN the community anyway.

  5. Going to New York (2x) and going to all the places I love even though I was broke.

  6. Going to Vermont to celebrate my boyfriend’s 30th birthday and venturing to MASS Moca for the first time to experience James Turrell installations—feeling numb and at peace (something akin to when I saw Pharmakon live at Soda Bar, also a highlight, tbh).

  7. Driving up to Joshua Tree to see Slowdive at Pappy + Harriet’s.

  8. Starting Felt Books as a side project that I want to do so much more with when I have time again.

  9. Volunteering weekly in the Rare Book Room at the Central Library.

  10. Going through my Edith Wharton phase.

  11. A successful Q4 and a valuable lesson learned from Q2/Q3.

  12. Getting a response from The Wing the day I applied for a graphic design position and video interviewing with them the next day. It was a refreshing change from the lack of responses and rejection from studios in San Diego, though I, unfortunately, didn’t get hired because I’m not in New York—again. I probably should’ve never said I lived in San Diego and should’ve jumped on a plane the next day even though it was my first time freelancing on a new project in LA. I’m loyal and keep my commitments, which truly sucks in this case. I’ll probably regret this one for a long time, honestly.

The year has definitely had its ups and downs, but I’m excited to wrap up this month with the agency I’m freelancing for and see what this year will bring—whether it will be staying in San Diego, or moving elsewhere for a full-time job. My car lease expires on my 28th birthday (March 2nd), so I hope to have an idea soon on whether I should get another car asap, or be car-less in another city after moving back to San Diego at the end of 2014. Figuring out what’s next is my main goal for the beginning of 2018, along with bumping up my monthly payments to fully pay off my student loan asap in order to leave future, long-term, opportunities open.

I haven’t spent much time doing personal work this year, or designing much of anything outside of the day to day work (which I know needs to be better quality)—I haven’t been able to bring myself to do so. Instead, I’ve spent the time stressing about my future with serious headaches, anxiety, and insomnia as a result—which can only really be cured by baths, movies, reading, writing, and eventually sleep. This year, aside from possibly getting a job and paying off my student loans at a faster rate, I’d like to move past the frustrations, read and write more, stress less, produce quality work, and become more financially stable.