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2018 Wrap-up

Highlights +

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From my last visit to Torrance. So much In-N-Out. So much Extended Stay.


I figured since I wrote one of these last year, I should write one again—because as the world became more and more fucked up, it’s still fucked up things somehow happened to work out for me, and I just want to allow myself to embrace it a little bit. The work and personal growth related frustrations over the last 4 years (after getting fired at my last job) just seemed to fade out and fit into place. Last year especially, I just wanted to know what city I was going to live in that would allow me to become financially stable so I could pay off student loans and be less stressed overall without feeling like I already threw my career away (you try finding a good design job while living in San Diego when you no longer want to freelance full time), but I got more.

Highlights/Accomplishments for 2018:

  1. Helping wrap up Toyota brand guidelines at Saatchi & Saatchi as a freelancer and returning my leased Toyota for a VW.

  2. Trying to write a little bit.


  4. Getting a full-time design job in San Diego with an amazing national design team (Compass).

  5. 10 year anniversary w/the boyfriend <3.

  6. Seeing the final result of the zine I designed with/for Little Dame.

  7. Seeing my favorite designer speak!

  8. Visiting The Sea Ranch again and staying in Condominium 1.

  9. Moving Feels Design Studio to part-time: easing off freelance projects and removing myself from others.

  10. Attending my first community voter forum with friends and volunteer phone banking for the 50th district (Team Campa).

  11. Taking Improv level 2 class*.

  12. Taking a Calligraphy class (copperplate)*.

  13. Becoming an AIGA member, which I haven’t been since college.*

  14. Visiting Letterform Archive for the first time (finally) with co-workers and becoming a member*.

  15. Continuing to volunteer as a docent in the rare book room at the central library.

  16. Starting the mini Felt Books cover archive.

  17. Reading 40 books out of my original 35 book goal.

  18. Already becoming a better designer at my new job.

  19. Becoming financially stable and paying off half of my remaining student loan debt (2019 is THE year they’ll be gone).

  20. +More

* Paid for by Compass as an annual Tuition Reimbursement, selected by moi <3

I have a lot to be grateful for this year, it’s ridiculous. I’ve been slowly working towards it all along while San Diego beat me and tried to kick me out so many times it gave up and let me have it. But, it’s also because the right people found me and believed in me when others didn’t, and I fucking took it. I could go on, but I’ll save it for later and keep this concise.

Here are a few of my goals for next year because goals are good:

~Some 2019 goals:

  1. Pay off my remaining student loans.

  2. Celebrate by planning a trip out of the country (and saving for it).

  3. Take a copyediting course.

  4. Read and write more about design (and non-design) + build a recommended design reading list (I’ve already got my general list of books/essays to start with).

  5. Become a better designer/maybe get promoted to senior designer.

  6. Expand on Felt Books.

  7. Take on some freelance non-profit design work.

  8. Become more involved and less overwhelmed.

  9. Read and spend more time with the books on my bookshelves I have not read yet.

  10. +more

~Happy New Year~