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Criterion Goes to the Movies +

Clips from The Voyager Company


After my visit to the SF MoMA to see their Designed in California exhibit, I wanted to look more into the Voyager Company, but quickly got distracted by videos shortly after my search even began—for one the four founders of Voyager Company and The Criterion Collection, Bob Stein, has a few videos of the old CDROMs published from the '80s and '90s added to his vimeo account. To someone who has not seen them before, they’re pretty entertaining. I’m not too embarrassed about the fact that I just learned of the Voyager Company / The Criterion Collection relation, but I am glad this sample of Criterion Goes to the Movies exists to paint the picture of how they got started and what their vision started to looked like while housed within Voyager Company.



Though Criterion Goes to the Movies is more interesting in terms of subject matter, I’m a sucker for old black and white Mac graphics, and Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony by Robert Winter delivered—with more interesting interface layouts, complex imagery, and lots of cluttered type for all to see.