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Encinitas Tees—Rejects


I haven’t shared any 10–6pm work here yet, but I thought I’d share this because it was a quick team challenge and it’s abstract enough. Our regional design team created a few tee shirt concepts to help celebrate the opening of a new Compass office in Encinitas.

After working on the Little Dame tote and not quite in the mood to design a tee, I decided to work with my friends type and image rather than illustrate anything or make something very “Compass”. The result was my brain on Trobbing Gristle but like, beach—but also not. The marketing team voted on their favorites and mine obvi didn’t make it, fortunately. Rejects below.

Tee shirt concept design (reject) | Annie Szafranski, 2019
Tee shirt concept design (reject) | Annie Szafranski, 2019

Tee shirt concepts for my fav band, Encinitas, CA | October, 2019.