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Feels Design Studio Update

Full-Time Job / Part-Time Freelance

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I’ve been dreading saying much of anything here because I put so much weight in words and am terrible at sharing most things because everything happens so fast when you don’t have time to write, but I suppose I should state that Feels Design Studio will be changing. After a somewhat tumultuous four years of learning the ins and outs of freelancing, and trying so hard, for whatever reasons I cannot shake, to stay in San Diego—I’ve been spending the last few months working full-time at my new in-house design position here in San Diego and changing Feels Design Studio to part-time.

Will you still take on projects?

Yes! Once I get fully acclimated to my new full-time design position, I will continue working as a part-time designer under Feels Design Studio, LLC, taking on shorter projects that require a less intensive process. All new projects moving forward will be done one at a time (aside from ongoing client work), to ensure that each project and client gets the proper amount of attention. I will also begin to be more selective about the work I take on in the future, making sure that visions and styles align to help form a better understanding and result.

Are you available to work on a new project now?

Unfortunately, no. I’m taking some time off from freelancing until I fully break into the rhythm of having a full-time job again and know how to better manage personal time as I slowly integrate freelance work back into it.

With these changes, what kind of projects will you be looking to take on?

For future projects, I’m looking to work with artists, designers, writers, and non-profits. I’ll be putting a giant pause on all new website work since I can no longer dedicate the proper time to it, but will still be working with digital and print projects.

Why are you doing this?

I always knew freelancing would be temporary. I wanted to use it as a forced learning experience incorporating areas outside of just design so I could no longer be complacent, while also learning to have more agency until I joined the right design team. It wasn't the most graceful, or loud, process, but I did what I sought out to do for the most part within this period.

Whats next?

After working regularly with Little Dame on small projects and updates, I’ll be starting a long overdue brand audit and refresh which will include updates to their website.

Also, I’ll be slowly migrating my portfolio to a new platform, where I’ll be updating it and moving work that’s no longer as relevant into an archive section and bring shorter-run projects and exercises forward eventually. I hope to use the space to display and encourage future short-run projects, along with visual experiments and design related writing, or, non-design related writing. 

I’m looking forward to taking everything I’ve learned and jump back into design again where can focus on being a better designer and pay more attention to the craft and its history without the stress of knowing where the next set of invoices were going to be sent to.