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Little Dame Blog


Little Dame recently added a blog to their website that will be focused interviews with different artists and small business owners. The first post features Tiny Splendor, who we worked with to print the Little Dame Zine. I worked with Little Dame to create a mini-headline image that can introduce the featured artist that could be shared across social platforms. We changed up the type a bit for this portion, along with the colors, but incorporated some of the newer iconography that will slowly work its way onto the website when I start to update it. 

I’m very much looking forward to doing a brand refresh for them as it has been years already and a solid brand audit is in order as I have yet to do one for them. I find the addition of the blog to be a great excuse to get started, as the typography and visuals can very much be improved—as well as the overall web experience. 

As I recently stated, Little Dame will now be my primary client, aside from occasional random print projects that may come up, since I’m no longer freelancing full-time. You can find an updated list of design services here.