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Perusing the Card Catalog in the Rare Book Room

Wangenheim Collection


One of the highlights of 2017 was being summoned to fill one of the volunteer docent positions at the Central Library I applied for after my stint at the Museum of Contemporary Art bookstore ended back in the Fall of 2016. I’ve been volunteering once a week since October, and I find something new to learn or explore every time I’m in there. Most recently, when there are no guests in the room, I’ve been digging through the card catalog that’s for the collection specifically—which contains all which is not seen in the room, but hidden away in the archive and seen by appointment only. There are thousands of books and catalogs in the collection, so I have yet to look at every card.

Below are some of the cards from the Printers section (+the W’s briefly, since I had to check on Warde) of the catalog, which, I’m thankful has its own dedicated section. I’ve even found a few titles of books I have, which is surprising to come across, along with random San Diego things. 

Apologies for the poor photography, these were all going to be for me to simply help make list of things I’d like to make an appointment to see originally, not post.