Little Dame

Brand identity and website design for Little Dame

Client: Little Dame
Typefaces: Mr. Eaves Light, Mr. Eaves Regular

Project Description: Little Dame is a new small shop in San Diego, specializing in taxidermy, feminist art, and handmade goods. Little Dame is the darker sister in comparison to other shops on the block, so they wanted their brand to reflect both whimsical and edgy characteristics that would bring their vision to life.

There's now a Little Dame website you can visit and buy all the weird items you want! I wrote a brief journal post about the design process that you can read here if you'd like to know more.

Little Dame Shop – Web Collection
Little Dame Patches Collection Gif: Danny Brito
Little Dame – Ceramics & Sculpture Collection Gif : Panca
Little Dame – 2 headed chick taxidermy collection gif

Little Dame Shop: Shopping Bag
Little Dame Shop: Shopping Bag Illustration
Little Dame Shop: Brand Assortment
Little Dame Shop: Receipt and Business Card
Little Dame Shop: Brand: Business Card

Project Details

After meeting and discussing goals, desires, expectations and budget with the lovely owners, Simone and Katie, we were able to get on the same page when it came to the design of their shop and how the budget would best be distributed throughout the project. The logo, bags, business cards and website (e-commerce coming soon! waiting on inventory!) were placed at the highest priority—while the hang tags and gift cards were pushed to the bottom, as they can always be improved with higher quality paper and printing further down the line.

The typeface, Mr. Eaves, was chosen for its typographic characteristics that allow it to mold within the Little Dame brand, which is delicate and whimsical, but also bold and strong in context. And though MR. is in the name, it was designed by MRS. Zuzana Licko.

Branding Matter

  • Logo + Social Icon
  • Typeface + Colors
  • Business Cards
  • Shopping Bag Illustration
  • Hang Tags
  • Custom Receipt
  • Temporary Gift Card
  • E-commerce Website

Social Icon

Little Dame Shop: Brand: Icon

Little Dame Colors

Little Dame Shop: Brand: Color Scheme